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Convertible Tops

We specialize in repairing all makes and models of convertible tops, and over the years we have probably repaired them all. From position of the straps, to how the windows are placed, to the material of the convertible, each car is a little different and requires the knowledge that only comes with experience to repair it correctly.

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Looking to personalize your car interior, or make some repairs? We specialize in all areas of interior repair, replacement, and modification. For basic seat customization we can change the materials, change the colors, and adjust the stitching to meet your needs. We can also add different color piping to old cars, or we can repair cracked dashboards with dashboard overlays which are the exact fit and color.

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Seat Repair

Repairing damaged car seats is truly an art. Seats come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors but the true artistry is taking a seat and making it look brand new. As many styles of seats as there are, there are even more sources of damage.

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Vinyl & Leather

We offer vinyl leather & cloth repair for minor imperfections such as scuffs, tears, burns, & stains. We can dye your carpet, seats, steering wheel, & other interior components.

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Lease Turn-In

Do you lease your car, truck, or SUV? We specialize in complete lease turn in repairs on your vehicle. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your lease turn in. We go over your vehicle from top to bottom. Once we have identified any and all damage, wear or tear we will begin to make repairs to have your vehicle looking brand new.

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Insurance Appraisals

We are fully licensed by the state of Pennsylvania to assist you with your covered insurance claims and repairs. We understand the hassle and frustration of dealing with your insurance company when it comes to estimates and appraisals for damage. We have the experience and knowledge to work closely with your insurance company to ensure coverage is fully taken advantage of.

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