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Seat Repair

Seat repair and customization is our specialty. The foam in your seat breaks down and causes damage or premature wear to the seat material. Leather also cracks and splits over time. Most seats are damaged from the constant entering and exiting of your vehicle as your body rubs against the fabric or compresses one side of the foam. We can repair or replace areas of damaged vinyl, cloth and leather sections of seats and interiors. We repair or replace the interior foam or seat materials to have your vehicle looking better than new.

Repairing damaged car seats is truly an art. Seats come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors but the true artistry is taking a seat and making it look brand new. As many styles of seats as there are, there are even more sources of damage. From cracking, or ripping due to the side wear caused by getting in and out of the car, to holes from screwdrivers left in back pockets, we have seen it all. However every seat repair is different depending on the location and cause of the damage.

The easiest fixes are torn seams or damage to individual panels. In these cases we can simply repair the seam, or replace the damaged panels. Car seats are made of a series of panels to allow easier repair and replacement. We will work with the manufacturer to locate replacements that both color and material match the original. Once installed your seat will look as good as new.

This can be done with both Leather as well as cloth vinyl seats. Although replacing worn sections of leather can be more costly. With leather, proper care and maintenance can be vital to avoid costly repairs. If your leather seat is worn let us take a look and we will be happy to explore your options to repair or replace your damaged seats.

Beyond just the exterior repairs, we can also handle interior foam repair and replacement. Many cases of seat damage are caused by the underlying foam breaking down and causing the outer material to prematurely wear or rip. In these cases we can replace the internal foam as part of repairing the seat. This is vital especially without repairing the internal damage it will continue to cause damage to the seat cover.

Seat Repair

  • Seat Frame Repair
  • Seat Foam Cushion Repair & Replacement
  • Seat Spring Repair & Replacement
  • Headrest Repair & Covers
  • Headrest Embroidery

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