Lease Turn In

Do you lease your car, truck, or SUV? We specialize in complete lease turn in repairs on your vehicle. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars on your lease turn in. We go over your vehicle from top to bottom, front to back, and inside out. Once we have identified any and all damage, wear, or tear we will begin to make repairs to have your vehicle looking brand new.

This can be everything from repair minor scrapes on the exterior, burn holes, tears in the seats, to stone chips in windshields. All of these items can affect how much money a dealer you will charge you when you return your vehicle. We know how dealers inspect, what they look for, and how it can impact your bottom line.

For instance a scratch on a bumper that we could easily repair, a dealer may charge you for a replacement bumper. Forcing you to pay dealer repair, and replacement rates for parts and labor on your turn in is one of the ways dealers make their money on leases as it is almost impossible to return a car in completely pristine condition. Our costs area fraction of what the dealer may charge.

Before you turn your leased vehicle in, come see us first.

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