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Convertible Tops

Nothing quite says luxury car like a convertible. Cruising around on a warm day with the top down is something you have to experience to truly understand it. However anyone who has owned a convertible knows, like any part of a car, maintenance and repairs are occasionally necessary.

We specialize in repairing all makes and models of convertible tops, and over the years we have probably repaired them all. From position of the straps, to how the windows are placed, to the material of the convertible, each car is a little different and requires the knowledge that only comes with experience to repair it correctly.

Convertible top repairs tend to involve either the frame, the hydraulic system that powers the convertible top itself, or the material.
We are experienced in repairing or replacing all areas of the convertible top system. No matter what the damage we can fix it.

Frame damage usually occurs when you put the top down. If the frame or canvas snags on something, or a worn part suddenly breaks, damage can be sudden and range from minor to catastrophic. This can also lead to damage in the hydraulics or to the material of the top itself. Regardless of the severity of the damage we can make the necessary repairs to get your top functioning again and looking as good as new.

Damage to the hydraulic system can also occur. The hydraulic system is what controls the automatic retraction and wear can be with either the plastic hydraulic lines, or to the pistons themselves. Whether simply leaking or damaged we can repair all parts of the hydraulic system so you are not stuck with your convertible with the top up on nice days, or enduring the damage from having the top stuck down on rainy days. Plastic hydraulic lines are usually an easy fix, with the pistons requiring more cost. For many older or vintage cars, replacement pistons may be difficult to come by. Thanks to our years in the restoration business, we are able to get pistons for almost every type of vehicle, and in the event pistons are no longer available we can have them specially made. While this does take more time, as we have to send off the damaged piston, it ensures a perfect match when the replacement arrives.

Damage to the vinyl or canvas material of the convertible can come from a number of sources. As part of the damage to the frame, snagging on something sharp, or even just the ravages of time will cause it. When it is time to replace the top we can offer you a variety of options. Depending on the options offered by the original manufacture, we are able to make repairs using vinyl, or canvas. Vinyl is perfect for that smooth look, but we can also offer replacement with high quality Canvas. Convertible Canvas tops feel more like cloth instead of the smooth feel of vinyl. However Canvas has between double and triple the life expectancy of vinyl tops, it does not shrink or stretch, and handles weather far better than traditional vinyl.

For the German car enthusiast, who wants to maintain the stock look and feel of their Porsche, Mercedes, or other fine convertibles, we have the option for authentic German style canvas. As specialists in repairing German convertibles we know their unique needs. We went out of our way to find a source for authentic German style canvas to ensure when we make necessary canvas repairs to these luxury vehicles, they are restored to brand new.

Finally we offer the ability to upgrade your convertible top. Depending on the make and model we can provide you with options. We can upgrade from plastic to glass windows if available. The material of the top may be upgraded from vinyl to canvas, and we can even change the type of convertible top on your vehicle to meet your needs.

Whether you need necessary repairs to restore your convertible top to like new condition,
or you would like to make some upgrades, give us a call and we can discuss your options.

Convertible Tops

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